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Guide to Las Terrazas, Cuba

Las Terrazas, Cuba

Las Terrazas is an area of terraces in a carefully preserved region of Cuba. The terraces were built in 1968 to reduce soil erosion and to encourage the reforesting of an area that had been devastated by 19th French colonial plantation owners. The terracing of the mountainside took place following the Castro revolution to help restore the ecosystem and to provide firm foundations for new homes for the local families and workers.

Now Las Terrazas is home to about 1,000 villagers and welcomes visitors to its picturesque village with its road that winds along the terraces. It is a self-Local people in Las Terrazascontained eco-community about 80km west of the capital of Cuba. Restaurants in Las Terrazas offer home made food that touches the soul and a few rudimentary words in Spanish will definitely ensure an especially large helping. Chicken, rice and beans are staple local foods and it is considered offensive not to follow a main course with a large helping of dessert. The ice cream in Las Terrazas is unbelievably good and the coffee is so intense and so stimulating that it would be a banned substance if drunk during the Olympics.

A spiritual and romantic destination, Las Terrazas is a popular resort for couples looking for time to share alone and for opportunities to commune with the natural world. More than 70 species of birds inhabit the Las Terrazas eco region and their garish colours flash before your eyes in an incredible blur of speed and grace. On the ground you may spot a Ranita, which is one of the smallest frogs in the world and no more than the size of a top thumb joint.

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