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Why is Cuba fast becoming the number one destination for tourism?

Cuba may only be 90 miles from the coast of Florida, but for many Americans it has always been a mysterious forbidden place. Now that the times are changing, …

Internet Access is coming to Cuban Homes in Havana

Many of you who have visited Cuba in the last few years will no doubt have loved the food and the passion of the people, but become frustrated at the speed of …

Travelling to Cuba – Has anything really changed?

Cuba has been in the news so much in the last year or so and there has been so much talk of change and so much expectation surrounding the country, that it is …

American Companies Moving into Cuban Market

Things are changing very fast in Cuba these days, fast at least in comparison with what has otherwise happened in the last fifty years in Cuba. President Obama …

When Will the Cuban Trade Embargo End?

Cuba has been topical recently with the announcement by Raul Castro and President Obama, of the exchange of prisoners (in particular Alan Goss) and …

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