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Getting Married in Cuba – Weddings & Honeymoons

Beach wedding in Varadero

If you are considering the idea of getting married in Cuba, there certainly are many advantages to getting married here. Consider the possibility for example of combining your wedding, with the honeymoon and doing it all for a small cost of the price which a traditional wedding back home can cost. You also of course have the option to invite family and friends to come with you to Cuba, and to share in what is likely to be a truly unique experience. With its stunning scenery, incredible beaches, wonderful food and vibrant music, the Cuban islands are an increasingly popular choice.

Most couples looking to get married in Cuba tend to base themselves on one of the smaller islands such as Varadero, Cayo Largo or Cayo Coco or one of the other small beach resort areas. Getting on the beach is the most popular option for many weddings, with the reception also on the beach or in one of the nearby hotels. By bringing friends and family with you, you can then enjoy one of the many day trips or tours in the days after the wedding. There is certainly plenty to do and see although many people prefer to just relax by the beach.

There are several travel companies who now offer packages and if you are in the UK for example, Virgin Holidays and Kuoni are two companies I have found who can help. The best option in my opinion if you wish to get married here, is to hire a company who are experienced in dealing with the paperwork and local requirements. It can be overwhelming and hence worth the cost of getting an experienced person to help. Many holiday companies offer a bespoke wedding holiday service.


(Before proceeding please note that the information below is subject to change and also can differ for different nationalities. Do double check with the nearest Cuban embassy or representative within your own country).

If neither the bride nor groom has been married before, all that is needed to marry in Cuba is a valid passport and a tourist card which is available from the Cuban consulate or via most travel agents. If the bride or groom has been married before, then she or he should also bring a birth certificate and the certificate of divorce. If the person is a widow or a widower, then she or he should bring a birth certificate and the death certificate. It is important that the certificates are translated into Spanish and stamped by the Cuban consul. Other documents that must be sent in advance are full details about the couple getting married including:

  • names
  • addresses
  • occupation
  • education and the full names of all four parents whether alive or dead.

A photocopy of the passport should also be attached to these details which should be sent in advance to the hotel. All the original documents must be brought with the couple. It is essential that the details on the passports are accurate as they will form the basis for the Marriage Certificate following the wedding ceremony. It is possible to get married on the beach in Cuba and full details can be obtained from one of the registrar offices on the island.

All Inclusive Weddings

The great thing about organised weddings in Cuba is that pretty much everything is taken care of and if I ever got married again (I plan not to as am very happily married) then I would do one of these weddings abroad and invite friends to join the holiday if they were able and wanted to. You save thousands, will really have a wedding to remember and can take your friends along.

The weddings tend to include most things including the:

  • Wedding/marriage certificates
  • Reception on the beach
  • Marriage official
  • Drinks and food for guests
  • Photography (can sometimes be extra depending on your needs).

If you are planning a wedding it is well worth considering this option of a marriage abroad. At least you should get nice weather on your wedding day. I am sat here in England and its August and it feels like winter weather! More on getting married in Cuba. Cuba is a wonderful location for getting married and for a honeymoon and a great place to start a happy marriage!

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