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Live musicThere are a number of very good events which take place annually across Cuba and below a sample of the best. Please send us your events and we include them.



  • Festival Piña Colada – a very popular music fusion event which also celebrates the talents of the Cuban youth.


  • Cine Pobre Film Festival – amateur movie festival for arty films.
  • Cuba Tourism Fair – The worlds international travel industry meet in Havana for this Caribbean themed show.
  • Havana International Fair is a popular trade event in the capital which takes place each autumn. A great exhibition for networking and building business contacts for Cuban business and trade.
  • CubaDisco sees some great music and dance come to Havana as the city gets ready for one fo the top music festivals of the year.



  • Havana Carnival – (Can sometimes take place in August) – You must visit Havana when the carnival takes place. The music, costumes and atmosphere make this my favourite event of the year.
  • Fire Fiesta del Fuego – A small er event than the carnival but one steeped in culture and great fun.


  • If you are a music fan then this country is a must. Music is a vital part of Cuban culture and the annual Havana Jazz Festival is a great starting place.
  • International Festival of New Latin American Cinema sees movies and cinema come to Havana (Habana). Cubans love their movies and this a great location location for promoting new films (most of which are in Spanish).

Extra information:

  • If you are in business, there are and will in future years, more investment opportunities in Cuba. Although restricted at this time, the country could be a goldmine in the coming years, particular with regards to tourism.

Festival in Habana

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