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Travel to Havana (Habana) and the rest of Cuba is gradually getting easier, with the U.S. relaxing travel between the two countries and with other countries such as Canada, UK, Australia continually increasing the number of flights from to keep up with the increasing demand for holidays in Cuba. There is also a developing cruise market still in its infancy and which is likely to expand ten-fold in the coming years.Below is the latest on the best ways to get to Cuba from different lcoations.

USA to Cuba

There are flights from Miami and New York to a few airports in Cuba at the time of writing. With the relaxing of laws though it looks as though commercial flights on a much larger scale could start in the future. Charter flights between Cuba and Miami are the easiest and quickest flights to take, with the flight time less than 1 hour. Be sure to check visa requirements and restrictions to enter Cuba, with your local embassy. A lot of the passengers between Miami and Havana, Cuba tend to be Cuban Americans. In terms of ferries and cruise lines the rules of traveling directly by boat to Cuba is restricted – although the rules might change soon. IF they do, expect a surge in cruise lines stopping off in Cuba.

From Europe including England

The market from Europe tends to be very different from the U.S. with no restrictions of any kind on visiting Cuba. A large number of couples choose Cuba as a honeymoon or wedding, flying out to the all-inclusive resorts in Cuba, to locations such as ‘Guardalavaca’ and ‘Cayo Santa Maria’.

Several commercial airlines such as Virgin Atlantic (and their holiday arm ‘Virgin Holidays’). By far the easiest way to book to visit Cuba from a country such as the UK is as part of a package holiday. Virgin Holidays, First Choice and Thomson all offer luxury Cuba packages. From Russia Aeroflot and from France Air France are another two options.

From the Caribbean, Central and South America

There are numerous flights from locations between Havana, Cuba and the Caribbean and Central and South America. Airlines you can chose from include:

are a few of the main options. Wherever you fly from just remember to double check the visa requirements for getting into Cuba from where you are flying and according to the passport you have. Make sure also to read our cruises page for information on travelling to the island via cruise ship.

Arrival Airports

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