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10 Souvenirs to Bring Back from Cuba

Buying souvenir in Cayo Coco
One of the most exciting aspects of travelling, regardless of where it is to, is the opportunity to shop in the local shops and see what bargains and souvenirs we can find. It is common to but items which remind you of your trip as well as purchasing items to give to friends and family who have not travelled. Below are some ideas for souvenirs to bring back from Cuba:

Cigar – The cigar is the item most synonymous with Cuba. It is the country’s most popular and successful of all Cuban exports with millions sold around the world each year. Choose from a wide variety of local brands but all hand made and of the top quality. A fantastic gift for those left back at home.

Havana club rumCuban lager – Lager is good quality in Cuba and is designed largely to be enjoyed in the sun. Although you can buy various brands of Cuban Lager in the UK, there is nothing quite like the authentic and original taste. Be careful not to exceed or infringe upon import laws.

Cuban Flag – What better way to remember your trip to Cuba than to buy a national flag. The Cubans are a patriotic people and you should be able to find a flag if you look hard enough. Actually, as far as national flags go, the Cuban flag is one of the most fashionable.

Rum – Aside from cigars, rum is one of the most popular exports due its high quality. The cost of rum in Cuba, as with most things, is reasonably low, making this a good gift for dad. If you have never tasted Cuban rum, you should if you get the chance. The flavours of the Caribbean come out in what is arguably one of the worlds finest rums.

Handmade dishes – The markets which are common all over Cuba are a great place to pick up some authentic Cuban souvenirs. One such item you could enjoy is a handmade dish. These are good quality and low in price. More on shopping in Cuba. Cuban cigars are also a must!

Mariposa eau de toilette – An interesting souvenir or perhaps more of a gift them souvenir per se, is to buy the popular local fragrance, Mariposa eau de toilette. This is one a commonly used perfume and it has an interesting and pleasant aroma. My wife loves it!

Paintings – A visit to one of the local markets such as Varadero market. You can get a very cheap panting by a local artist and the beauty of the art is that you can get some pieces which are very different to what you might normally get to buy. As with all art, remember to buy it because you like it, rather than because you want to re-sell it in the future.

CDsCuban music is vibrant and quite jazzy is summed up in brief. There is of course though a range of sounds and styles and certainly for those friends or family with an interest in world music, buying a couple of CDs is a great choice. Salsa music is particularly popular here and easy to find.

Clothing – Cuba is a place where, if you shop in the right places such as at one of the markets, some very cheaply priced clothing. You cannot go to far wrong with  couple of t-shirts with the word ‘Havana’ detailed on them. The quality of clothing varies greatly according to where you buy.

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