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Cuba is known for its many dive sites and as a result has become a very popular destination for diving holidays. If you are planning a diving holiday to Cuba, there are excellent facilities in locations such as Varadero and a number of diving schools for all levels.

Cuba’s dive centres have different sites for experienced and novice divers and if you are an experienced and certified diver, it is necessary that you bring proof of your skills as this will help you meet the safety standards in the country. For people with little or no experience in diving, lessons are available at the regions’ many scuba training centres along with equipment and rubber suits.

One of the best regions to go diving in Cuba is Maria La Gorda, which forms the south Western peninsular tip of Cuba. This region has more than 30 dive sites, some of which include beautiful canyons, reefs, caves, channels and tunnels. Two other great diving sports along the Cuban coast include the Cayo Coco and the Cayo Guillermo. Divers will be able to view spectacular marine life which includes black coral, turtles, colourful fish, tall reefs and sponges. Cuba boasts over 50 species of coral and is known all over the world for its black corals, the region also has 200 types of sponge and an assortment of coloured and tropical fish.

Divers looking to spot sharks, squid and octopi will also find plenty to keep their attention in Cuba’s waters. All of the region’s dive centres provide guides who will swim down with you ands show you the sites; there are special guides for tourists who wish to view sharks and it is mostly experienced divers who are allowed into these areas. Many of the diving instructors in Cuba speak several languages and tourists should have no trouble understanding them.

Paul Says: 

I have been to Cuba many times and one thing I never fail to do when on one of my trips there is to go Scuba diving. Cuba has plenty of dive sites, and each one is so different from the other that divers will not have to worry about having the same diving experience wherever they go.

One of my favourite places to dive in is Maria la Gorda, which is one of the most scenic spots on the island. It is located near the Pinar del Rio and is full of marine life since it is closely located to a world biosphere reserve. This dive spot has two dive zones and offers beautiful underwater sights of caves, black coral, colourful tropical fish and shipwrecks. This dive zone is a great place to explore and is one of the best places to start your scuba diving experiences in Cuba.

I have also found that one’s diving experience also varies depending in the time that you visit the region. Faro Luna is a hot spot for divers in Cuba and I have visited this region a total of four times. Faro Luna has more than 20 dive zones and is one of the best places in Cuba to see coral reefs. During summer, there is an abundance of tropical fish in the water and the corals appear to be exceptionally brighter. Each dive zone has something to offer, and you can decide on whether you want to see a shipwreck on one day and tall coral reefs the next. It is also a great place to take underwater photographs.

If you are looking to view different species of wildlife, I would suggest the Guajimico region, which has plenty of diving centres. Divers will see all sorts of fish species from barracudas, manta rays, sponges and other varieties of local tropical fish.

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