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Casas Particulares Accommodation in Cuba

Havana casa particulares

What is a Casas Particulares?

If you have been searching for accommodation options for your holiday in Cuba, you might well have come across the term “Casas Particulares”. Translated directly this means mean “particular houses” and in essence, this is what the term means. A casa Particulare is a persons home at which you can stay in Cuba i.e. the owners usually rent you out a room and in reality it is the same as a British Bed and breakfast (B&B).

Why Should I stay in one?

A casa particulare is not for everyone! This type of accommodation is often not as luxurious as many of the tourist hotels and will less likely have the mod cons you might want, such as internet access and air conditioning. If though, you want a true cultural experience and one that brings you into contact with the locals, the chance to eat what the locals eat and to live in a real neighbourhood (as opposed to on a resort), this option is an excellent one!

How to Book a Casa Particulares

You can book a casa particulare online through sites such as HotelsCombined. Not every booking site presently allows for Cuba bookings but HotelsCombined do provide live bookings for Cuba and they do list a number of Casa Particulares. Some more options include the following:

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