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Cuban Cigars guide – Habanos SA and Cubatabaco

Habanos cigar

Cuban cigars have gained a reputation for being the best cigars in the world. They are highly desired for their exquisite flavour and are made by some of the most skilled cigar manufacturers or “torcedores” in the country. The Torcedores or cigar makers are revered for their skills and are treated as local celebrities in Cuba.

However, as a result of worldwide demand, would-be buyers of cigars should be extremely cautious and ensure that they do not purchase fake Cuban cigars. Today, there are many fake Cuban cigar brands circulating the market that are being mass produced and masqueraded as the real thing.

All genuine Cuban cigars are made in Cuba. The two state-run companies, Habanos SA and Cubatabaco, are responsible for the manufacture, regulation and distribution of the cigars and the cigars are packaged in boxes labelled Hecho en Cuba or made in Cuba. A green and white warranty seal will be present on the left side of the cigar box, if the cigars are genuine Cuban cigars. As long as you buy the original and genuine Cuban made cigars, you will find that quality and taste are of excellent quality. If Cuba can do one thing very well it is to make a good cigar! To distinguish counterfeits from the real thing, buyers must take note of the following details:

  • The colour of the packaging should never be dull.
  • The box and packaging should look neat and undamaged.
  • A white sticker that reads “Habanos” must be present on the upper right hand corner of the box.
  • A black, blue or green factory code must be stamped on the bottom of the box along with an impressed heat stamp.

3 Best Cuban Cigar Brands

Cuban Cigars are one of the most instantly recognised commodities in the world and are often considered a luxury to be enjoyed on a special occasion, although for many they are a part of day to day life. There are a number of Cuban cigar manufacturers, and here are some of the best:

Romeo Y Julietta

This brand is affectionately known as the Romeos and offers a wide range of cigars ranging in size and shape. The brand is award winning on an international level and also has a history of being popular with well known figures, including Winston Churchill. Indeed, the brand has designed a cigar in memory of the former British Prime Minister.

Boliva Cigars

The name of this high quality brand of Cuban Cigar is highly significant in the history of the country as it is named after the general who freed the country from the Spanish. The brand is over 100 years old and is considered to be amongst one of the most full bodied cigars to be produced and is one best saved for the hardened cigar smoker.

Cuaba cigars

This is a cigar that is mild in strength and offers a variety of tastes in flavours. It is reasonably recent on the UK market compared to other brands, but its popularity is constantly growing. The brand is reasonably young in that its production only began in the mid to late 20th century and the name is taken from the Indian word meaning the Special Cuban Bush.

Cigar Culture

An interesting video from CNN on the world of cigars.

It is best to purchase Cuban cigars from a reputable tobacconist or shop. Another option would be to purchase cigars from respected company online or through a reseller such as amazon.Ideally though why not come to Cuba and do a tour of a cigar making factory and get to enjoy seeing how they are made such as at Cuba’s oldest factory Fábrica de Tabaco Partagas.

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