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The Annual Fire Fiesta del Fuego

Fiesta del Fuego dancers

The annual Fire Festival (also known as the Fiesta del Fuego) takes place in the month of July in the city of Santiago de Cuba. This Caribbean fiesta was originally intended to be a serious event and the show’s organisers still have a number of conferences, academic shops and discussion panels that take place during the course of the one week of the festival. However, there is also a lighter side to the Fiesta del Fuego that is seen onthe streets of Santiago during this same period.

The aim of the Fiesta del Fuego is to highlight the cultural expressions of the region, which is well portrayed with the many parades and carnival held during the week. The Fiesta del Fuego is a very well-known street party, and is known to be celebrated by the majority of the streets in Santiago. The carnival begins in the morning, and goes on into the last hours of the night, providing participants with a number of stalls in which they can showcase their products and services.

The Fiesta del Fuego also features several traditional and popular music bands that constantly perform through the day. The event is also host to dancers and coaches who are part of the traditional Fire Fiesta procession. While these are the biggest draws of the festival, food stalls, children’s games and alcohol stands available during the Fiesta del Fuego, make the event a grand entertainment festival.

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