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Every year, various professionals in the travel and tourism industry meet at the Cuba International Tourism Fair. This is one of the most important events in the tourism industry and it takes place at the Morro-Cabaña Park. The event focuses on travel and tourism across the beautiful Caribbean, with the main emphasis being on travel to heritage cities like Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Camaguey.

This fair takes place in the month of May every year, with visitors attending from around the world. Every year, there is a different destination that is focussed on, although Havana is always featured on the agenda, since a majority of tourism takes place in this city, with around 50% of the total tourist arrivals taking place here.

There are many people who put up exhibitions at this event, the main attendees being the various tourism and travel providers like airlines, tourism agencies, hotel representatives and travel agents. These exhibitors have a chance to not only improve their business in this sector,but also form some important business contacts. It is also a good platform for new entrepreneurs and businessmen to enter the Caribbean market.

There is a lot of scope at the Cuba International Tourism Fair to meet new potential clients and service providers, making it a worthwhile investment for exhibitors. The visitors to this exhibition range from the general public to a varied list of industry professionals.

Further Information

  • Location for the Fair: Morro Cabana Park, Cuba.
  • When: Normally 1st/2nd week May every year.
  • Official Site:

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