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Cuban art from a market in havana

Art I bought in a local Havana market

Cuban art is known worldwide for its brightness, colors and intriguing shapes. It is a immediate reflection of the country’s rich cultural heritage. Artists such as Amelia Pelaez, Diego Rivera, Fidelio Ponco de Leon and Manuel Mandive have brought and popularized Cuban art throughout the world. 1980’s saw a kind of renaissance in Cuban art, as local painters got inspired by very shape and sounds of Cuba itself. It was when “Immediately Geographic” was sculpted by Florencio Gelabert Soto.

Cuba is a highly cultural country which has a history of churning out great artists. Over the centuries a number of famous Cuban artists have been gaining acclaim worldwide and their work can still be seen in museums around the world. Below are some of the best Cuban artists whose work you might like to see.

Mario Carreño Morale

Morale was a painter in the early 20th century who studied art in Havana, the capital of Cuba. Healso spent a significant portion of his life in France and Spain where he gained acclaim for his portrayal of life there. Morales died in Chile in 1999 but his work can still be seen in museums around the world.

Peter Henry Emerson

This English sounding artist was born and brought up in Cuba for much of his childhood. He was therefore greatly influenced by the Cuban culture and especially its art. Emerson is known as one of the early photographers who developed the discipline into an art. He was particularly fond of taking photographs of nature and all items around it. Emerson’s work spreads over the 19th and 20th centuries.

Wilfredo Lam

This artist is known for his diversity as although he is mainly associated with his many paintings, he also created a great deal of high quality sculptures, printmaking and ceramics. A running theme in a large portion of Lam’s work is the Afro-Cuban culture which was present during this period. Lam also spent some of his life in Spain where he honed his skills.

Unique Cuban art

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