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Where to Play Golf In Cuba

Habana golf

I get asked a lot of questions about the sports facilities in Cuba from those of you looking for to try partake in one of the many activities it is possible to do in Cuba. Golf is an activity I have been getting asked about more and more often and so, in this post, I will try and tell you about the best places to play golf in Cuba and the options that are open to you.

I have to admit that Cuba is not really the very best place if your only real interest is to spend the whole holiday or vacation playing golf, because this island is not renown for its golf courses. Having said that, if you are looking to combine golf and a cultural break, then this is a great option. For a golfing break, the location I would head to first is Varadero where there are a couple of good courses.

Varadero Golf Club

  • Varadero Golf Club provide one of the best courses on the island, with this 18 hole 72 par course with all of the usual features and very good facilities. Options include playing 9 or 19 holes, the driving range, and mandatory golf buggies are there to be rented. Great course, friendly staff and I’ve enjoyed some great course at this gold club.
  • Address: Autopista Sur, Varadero.
  • Telephone: 53 45 668482
  • Further

Video from Varadero Golf Club

Habana Golf Club

Habana Golf Club has a long history spanning more than 50 years and is a good course set in a quite tranquil and scenic area. Located in Carretera de Vento. This 9 hole golf course is within driving distance of the main Jose Marti airport. Expect all the usual features, such as bunkers and palm trees.

  • Facilities include: A cafe/bar, tennis courts, parking, golf shop and the nine hole course.
  • Address: Carretera de Vento, Cuba.

Paul’s Verdict: This is a good enough course as long as you are not expecting too much. The course is usable, but not maintained in quite the same way you would expect, let’s say, a top course in Florida to be kept. Do not go to Cuba especially to play here but, if you are coming to Cuba anyway and want a round of golf, then you should enjoy Habana golf club. The staff, as with most of Cuba, are very friendly and the food in the cafe is good. Try a glass of rum in the bar after the golf.

 Havana Golf Club Promotional Video

Where to Stay if playing Golf

Paradisus Varadero Resort & Spa
(Punta Frances, Varadero) – The Paradisus Varadero Resort & Spa is very close to Varadero Golf Club and so the Paradisus and Varadero Golf Club make a logical combination. The hotel itself is a 5 star hotel with outstanding facilities, which include a sauna, tennis courts, and each room comes with its own fridge, tea and coffee facilities, en-suite and cable tv.

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