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National Theatre of Havana (Teatro Nacional)

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Performance art plays a significant role in the vast culture of Cuba, and the National Theatre of Havana is one of the best places to take in a show.

Havana National Theatre

Unusually, considering the grand culture of the Cuban capital, the National Theatre of Havana is a reasonably recent construction having been built in 1979. As you would expect though, the history and culture of the city is reflected by the decor inside the building, where many works by Cuban artists can be found on many of the walls. In all honesty, architecturally, the National Theatre is far from being the best building in the city, but many argue that this is part of the character, whilst all agree that the quality of the shows which take place here completely overshadow any of the inadequacies of the design.

The National Theatre is made up of two separate auditoriums, called the Sala Covarrubias and the Sala Avellaneda. Combined, the two theatres can hold just under 3,500 people, making this one of the largest theatres in the country. Events here include productions from the celebrated national ballet, theatre productions, musicals and orchestra as well as a number of lectures and workshops.

One of the most characteristics aspects of a visit to the national theatre is the charismatic piano bar which can be found within the complex, and there are few better ways to prepare for a production than enjoying a drink in the whilst listening to a good standard artists tickling the ivories. A note to visitors, the ticket office is located in a small building next to the theatre.

Location, Map and Adress

Address: Plaza de la Revolucion Havana, Cuba.

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Location, Map and Adress

Performance at the National Theatre of Don Quixote

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