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The Importance of Travel Insurance when Visiting Cuba

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Cuba is becoming an increasingly popular destination for those wanting to travel to the Caribbean area for all inclusive holidays, for a chance to experience a unique cultural experience or to be in a place perfect for water sports including diving. As with all travel, whether Cuba or another part of the Caribbean , or elsewhere worldwide, it is important to purchase appropriate travel insurance to ensure you are covered for any problems or circumstances that may arise whilst in Cuba.

Cuba Specifics

When travelling to Cuba it is essential to purchase medical travel insurance otherwise as otherwise you may not be allowed to pas through customs on arrival, because this is a directive from the Cuban Government. As of May 1st 2010 everyone visiting the island have to have a medical insurance policy which will cover any expenses incurred though medical treatment whilst staying. Diseases such as dengue fever are endemic throughout the area and so it is a very good precaution to have insurance in case you do need treatment. Customs normally expect you to show a copy of your insurance cover on arrival, so be prepared.

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Book in advance – Any insurance policies will be demanded by immigration at the airport and must cover the length of the time intended to stay. In the exception that you have not purchased insurance before you left to visit Cuba then there are companies that offer policies at the airport. However these will be a lot more expensive and may not cover you to the same degree as policies bought at home.

As well as medical cover there are other reasons that purchasing insurance is important when visiting Cuba. For one, the hurricane season although unlikely to affect your holiday, it is still a possibility and should be covered for. The hurricane season runs from June and November. You should make sure that flights are covered against delays and cancellations caused by potential disruptions from hurricanes. It is also important to note that with the increase in the level of visitors, opportunistic crime in the form of thefts and pick pocketing is increasing. Therefore you should make sure you have covered your personal items against thefts and losses whilst away. Overall Cuba is a relatively sage country to visit. You do need to book travel insurance though!

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