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Embracing Cuban Culture before Visiting on Holiday

Embracing Cuban Culture before Visiting on Holiday

1. Learn to Salsa One synonymous activities which has long been associated with Cuba is the dance form known as salsa. Many of you may …

The Real Cuba for Locals

The Real Cuba for Locals

Interview with Marco Marco: "The food is expensive right now. It's very expensive. We work for 15 CUC's a month (relates to around …

How Cuba will Look in 2025

How Cuba will Look in 2025

Two years ago, no one would have dared to imagine that a Cuban embassy could exist so soon in Washington DC and for an American Embassy …

10 Things to Consider When Planning a Cuba Holiday

10 Things to Consider When Planning a Cuba Holiday

The changes in Cuba are slow with reforms still likely to take many years, with sixty years of history unlikely to come tumbling down …

Just added: What are the benefits and disadvantages of staying in an all inclusive resort in Cuba as a tourist and the best Cuban dishes.

HAVANA (Habana) and CUBA as a country is a special place with so much to offer culturally and physically. The people of Cuba are a warm people who take pride in their love of music and dance and can proudly boast for example for creating salsa. This fascinating and delightful culture is one which, to an extent, has been closed over the years but is attracting more attention year by year.

Tourism numbers to Cuba are gradually increasing although restrictions do still limit the visitor numbers. One day the island of Cuba is likely to be an extremely popular location for travellers with a passion for strong culture.

Old American car

Old American car in Havana.

The attraction of Havana and Cuba, as well as for its people and music, is its wonderful geographical location and climate. Sat only a few miles south of Florida, USA, Cuba also sits on the edges of the Gulf of Mexico. This location means you can enjoy a holiday with a sub-tropical climate and many days of sunshine each year and which has some great prices.

On this site we will be detailing everything from all inclusive Cuba holidays, Cuban events, sports, the best attractions, an insight to the people, all about the capital Havana (Habana) and all about getting flights and travelling to Cuba. Thank you for visiting Cuba Services – A guide to Holidays in Cuba and cheap sunmaster 2015 holidays online now if you want to book direct.

Typical Cuban traditional breakfast… – Every year, in the month of February, music enthusiasts gather in the Old Havana neighbourhood in Cuba to celebrate the Esteban Salas Early Music Festival or the Festival de Música Antigua Esteban Salas. You can also learn more about Cuba Holidays and make sure to consider our favourite destination Varadero. Thank you for visiting Cuba Culture online. Learn also about the need for medical travel insurance for Cuba holidays.

Varadero Beach

The touristic side of Cuba with Varadero Beach

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