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With an ever increasing interest in Cuban business opportunities and trade, I know that many of you are interested in developing a website with the idea of placing and positioning yourself in the market, for the future and are thus keen on a domain.

Restrictions and Regulations is the suffix for web domain names and there are certain rules and restrictions that need to be met if you wish to own a domain. The main rules are as follows:

  • All Cuban names are registered through the Cuban Registry who go by the name CUBANIC (you can find them on They administer and manage all domains.
  • CITMATEL manage the overall process for CUBANIc and CITMATEL in case you are wondering is the Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment.
  • is the highest level domain for Cuba.
  • You can search for available Cuban suffix domains but at the time of checking one domain shows as costing GBP £666.90 for 1 year (roughly USD$1000) on, which seems an extraordinarily high price! The price is matched on
  • domains are NOT restricted to Cuban business and those based on the island. These domains can be owned by foreign entities.
  • There are no real restrictions on buying a top level Cuban domain url name except for the incredibly high price which they presently cost.

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