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5 Best Attractions to Visit in Cuba

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Cuba is a great place for a holiday with your friends and family. If you are planning a trip to Cuba, here are five of the best places to visit in Cuba.

1. Varadero Beach – A visit to Varadero will give you the chance to explore thirteen miles of an extremely picturesque and pristine beach. Varadero is also the perfect place to visit if you are looking to connect with nature while simultaneously enjoying all the luxuries of the modern world. Spend the day sun bathing and swimming at Varadero beach, which is known for its world class resorts. You can also swim with dolphins or go deep sea diving at Varadero.

2. Vinales Valley – A rather broad, flat valley highlighted by a number of limestone formations, the Vinales Valley is the place to be if you are an adventure sports enthusiast or even if you just love the great outdoors. Mountain-biking, hiking and rock-climbing are some of the activities that you can try in the Vinales Valley.

3. Old Havana – Called Habana Vieja by the locals, the old city has been restored to its former glory. A trip to Old Havana is sure to make you forget that you are in the twenty first century as you take in the magnificence of the churches and forts on display in Old Havana.Originally built in the sixteenth century, this area of Havana is rich in history and culture. Many of the original buildings can still be seen, and there is an ongoing project to redevelop other buildings. One of the most intriguing aspects of visiting this area is the fact that the history is directly contrasted by the modern lifestyle which is conducted in the area.

4. Catedral de San Cristóbal and the Plaza de la Catedral – This region boasts cobblestone walkways and buildings straight out of the colonial era and is a must visit. The Catedral de San Cristóbal has a breathtakingly beautiful baroque façade that is not to be missed.

5. Monumento Ernesto Che Guevara – The final resting place of much loved revolutionary, Che Guevara, this place is regarded with respect by the locals and features a mammoth sculpture of Che Guevara. The museum here details every aspect of his life and is must visit.

6. Museo de la Revolucion – Located in the Old Havana section of Havana, it is not only what is held in the museum which makes this a must-visit site, the historical building itself is a marvelous piece of architecture. The museum itself contains exhibits from various sections of Cuba’s history meaning that you will gain a more rounded appreciation of the Cuban culture. The main focus of the exhibitions is the revolutionary war of the 1950s.

7. Partagas Cigar Factory – With Cigars being such a large part of Cuban Culture, and indeed the item which is most associated with the country, it would be a shame not to experience the creation of this famous export. Again, the building itself provides part of the charm as it is a colonial build. Whilst at the museum you can experience the cigars being made as well as having the opportunity to purchase some souvenirs of your trip. Learn more about Cuban cigars and culture.

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